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Hermathena Labs is the brainchild of two professionals in cleared positions with the DoD who noticed a stark contrast between the needs of the United States Government to hire and maintain a vast and versatile workforce with the vulnerability the Government has trusting in this workforce with their secrets.

Insider threats have been a problem since humans have joined together in groups, and over the millennia, we have developed ways to sort them out, but usually only after damage has been done. Today, with advanced technology, the enemies are getting smarter and our tactics to find them are not sufficient. Hermathena Labs’ mission is to solve these tough problems.

Co-owned and run by two US citizens with active Top Secret clearances, the company is owned and controlled by Mr. Hector Velez and Ms. Marina Capuano.

Hector Velez

Cyber Security Architect

Information Technology professional with 25 years of expertise in a broad range of IT initiatives in both public and private sectors. US Army Combat Veteran that has achieved measurable results in dynamic, fast-paced, and austere environments.

Marina Capuano

Systems Engineer

Software and Systems Engineer who advises the Department of Defense in matters of Systems Analysis, Software Development, and Systems Integration. 15 years of experience designing and modernizing systems, focusing on streamlining processes in a data-centric way.

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