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We specialize in Cybersecurity and IT Consulting with a focus on Insider Threat prevention.

We do this by combining Behavioral Science research with Machine Learning algorithms.

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Capability Statement

Core Competencies

Hermathena Labs assists in securing our nation’s supply chain by researching and developing an Insider Threat solution that helps you identify high-risk individuals before they become a threat to your organization.

By taking advantage of our expertise in Information Technology, CMMC compliance, and cybersecurity education, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you can trust your workforce with your most sensitive information.

We offer four levels of customized business services to meet your needs:

  • Evaluate and Consult
  • Plan, Create and Design
  • Assess and Implement
  • Train and Sustain



Shine a light on high-risk behavioral patterns so you can uncover individuals who may pose a threat to your organization’s security, culture and public image.

We thoroughly research known high-risk behaviors observed in people who might not qualify for a position of trust. 


Our Machine Learning algorithm uses the identified behaviors to discover possible threats in real-time.

The algorithm establishes an individual’s profile by continuously evaluating the person’s search patterns, content consumption, and relevant online activity across millions of websites.


All without disrupting end-user productivity, installing additional systems, or changing the way you conduct business.

Past Performance

A combined 40 years of Information Technology expertise in private and public sectors, including the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, L3 Harris, and Northrup Grumman.

Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC)

  • Consult for multiple directorates within AFTAC on current and future Information Technology strategies.
  • Redesigned the flow of data across the entire enterprise, which improved the time it took leadership to make operational decisions.
  • Streamlined the flow of data across classification levels from multiple remote sources to various customer endpoints.
  • Provided data management support, including testing, life-cycle management, and systems administration to maintain and sustain cross-domain data transfer subsystems.
  • Researched and applied industry standards to improve and replace legacy processes with emerging technologies.
  • Modernized DevSecOps processes for developing and distributing software products.
  • Assisted in the preparation for major security inspections by ensuring all systems met the US Air Force Information Assurance standards.

Special Operations Joint Task Force - Afghanistan

  • Commo lead for a remote Joint Operations Center (JOC) that provided voice, data and video communications support to the Task Force and partner agencies.
  • Planned, resourced and supervised the re-configuration of a forward deployed JOC.
  • Maintained voice and data systems across 6 classification levels.
  • Provided uninterrupted communications support for ground troops during combat operations.
  • Provided industry knowledge and expertise that resulted in the improvement of IT operations across multiple sites.
  • US Army

    • Coordinated the integration of ground-based ISR platforms into an existing Control Center, including voice/data routing, monitoring, and staffing.
    • Managed a Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Collection Cell. Identified and routed signals of interest for further analysis and reporting.
    • Created daily Operations and Intelligence briefs for combatant commanders across the entire Theatre.
    • Consulted in the development of a standalone test tool for the Guardrail Common Sensor (GR/CS).

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    Hermathena Labs is owned and controlled by two Information Technology professionals who hold active Top Secret (TS/SCI) security clearances.

    Mr. Hector Velez, a combat veteran, and Ms. Marina Capuano are passionate about cybersecurity, data science, and the safeguarding of our Nation's critical infrastructure.

    Hector Velez


    Marina capuano

    Vice President

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